Dropper Bottle Short, 5 ml.

Dimensions in inches:  H: 2.25  W: .75(3/4) dia

-Can be used to dispense and store most liquids,  Tamper proof locking top for first time use ( after initially tighten)
-Can be dressed solvents, light oils, paint, essence, electronic cigarettes, eye drops, saline, soaps, scents, conditioners, etc.
-Can easily be sterilized., Very convenient.  Perfect small travel addition to any compact kit.
-Dripping speed: dropper can be controlled

Pairs well with our:

Mini funnels (best way to fill them) 

Needle tip attachment 


Capacity: ~ 10ml

Material: PET/LDPE
Color: As  pictured
Size: Height: Approx. 6cm
Diameter: Approx. 2cm