Gun oil / Great all purpose oil

Hoppe's Elite Pillow Pack offers hunters and shooters an easy way to transport just enough oil and / or cleaner for a day / mission in the field or at the range. Packs are designed for one time use and fit easily into a pocket, bag or vest. We carry the Hoppes gun cleaner packets as well here.

Hoppe's Elite; 2cc

The best oil for firearms, is now even better. By adding a special T3 additive. Formulated for semi-automatic sporting/hunting firearms. T3 is super slick and increases corrosion protection even against salt water. Plus a non-solvent cleaning agent repels carbon and dirt while protecting against wear, humidity and moisture. Go ahead and test it against whatever you have in the garage.  Great for every kit, Lubricate precision instruments, locks, hinges, tools,, fishing gear, home, office, machines, toys, firearms and other fine mechanisms.

  • Single use disposable pack

  • Spout tip for precise application

  • Easy to carry and won't leak

  • Great for many other uses

  • Compact  lightweight

  • Fits into butt-stock cleaning kits

  • 1000's of uses


Hoppes mini packet, Gun oil / Great all purpose oil