Hand foraged, Fresh pine needles. Wild harvest from north eastern United states.

*Each order amount will contain 1 fresh sprig/cluster.  ( 1 to 3 sprigs per cup of tea is a good basic range, although some use 5 or more per cup).

Immunity Boosting Vitamin C & A, Suramin & Shikimic acid.


More: The pine needles are cut per order, fresh. Recommend using them within days to weeks or refrigerate.  The needles are packaged still on their sprigs so that you can cut the individual needles as you desire for tea and other uses. Tea: Cut the needles free from the twig with a blade or scissors. Bruise and twist them before steeping, and cut them into small pieces if desired, to release all the goodness. Cover the simmering tea to trap the oils. Strain into your mug, or add the pine needles to a tea bag.

Recommend NOT boiling, if you boil water, add the needles when the water cools slightly, or steep them slowly for many minutes or hours. Boiling may diminish the nutrients contained.

Possible benefits and nutrient's:

Antioxidants – flavonoids, and their glycosides - proanthocyanidins.

Antiseptic qualities.

Notable amounts of calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorous.

Decongestant properties, pine tea can ease symptoms of a chest infection.

Used by Native Americans for centuries as a staple in a shaman’s “first aid kit”.

May help with mental sharpness and vitalization in general.

Anti-viral and fungal properties.

Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial. and much more (worth researching further on your own)....