Handypersons dream possibilities bag.


Working prototype, New release from the shop. Limited availability. EACH KIT MAY SLIGHTLY VARY FROM THE EXACT PICTURES SHOWN, but will be on par or above.

*If you have special requirements, please contact us so we can tailor it a bit, it may change cost.

Technicians, Handyman, Handygirl, Adventure, Offthegrid worker, Expeditions

Ultimate Problem solvers technical kit, built originally for one of our off the grid members living in Alaska. This one has the bases covered! FULLY loaded, with a wide array of potential.

Approx. 13 pounds weight, mid sized shoulder bag with durable construction and webbing, compartments, and inner kits. Based off the Maxpedition "Skyridge" adventure pack.

EMAIL US for your kit requests & details and we can send you a personalized link

NOTE: We are constantly upgrading the kit and contents

  • For complete Manual and loadout, see our resources area here:  RFT X-1 PDF.
  • *Inquire about special contents additions or removal, so its perfect for you. Further customizing costs or deductions will be arrived at and reflected in the final cost.
  • Colors available in midnight and Coyote / green.
  • Your choice of front patches ( room for up to 8 ).
  • Leatherman Multitool not included unless requested
  • Some items may be substituted (but equal in quality) in place of pictured contents