Lacons® Round Container

Storage Container  1.09" Dia. X 1.87" OD,  1.01"Diam x 1.8' ID


Clear Round LaCon, FDA Food Grade and water tight.

Made in USA, these handy containers are with high quality medical grade class VI polypropylene and durable. This high quality material makes this container great for the storage of food items, medical items, tools, gadgets, matches, tinder, water samples, and any other miscellaneous items. Clears so you can easily index items (Waterproof if seal is clean we've tested 10 minutes under 1' of water).

    • ● Clear Polypropylene

    • ● Air and Moisture Resistant

    • ● Hinged-Lid One Piece Design

    • ● Food Grade - FDA & Medical Grade - USP Class VI

    • ● Laboratory Grade

    • ● REACH & RoHS Compliant

    • ● Recyclable Polymer

    • ● Made in USA