Molykote 111 Silicone Pillow pack

Dow 111 Silicone Grease food grade is a one component silicone compound, great for water filter O-rings,    used as a valve sealant and lubricant that resists a variety of inorganic and organic chemicals. This grease can be used as a sealant in vacuum and pressure systems, transformer, gaskets, equipment enclosures, and equipment exposed to harsh environments. It can also perform as a lubricant for faucet and water softener valves, plastic and rubber O-rings, aircraft vacuum systems, among other things. It is especially suitable for use as an anti-stick and sealant for transformer gasket and equipment enclosures, preventing gaskets from sticking to metal and resisting weathering and water washout. Molykote 111 remains serviceable in temperatures ranging from -40° to 200°C. Great for 1000's of uses.