Small pry bars are designed for professionals and homeowners alike. These small bars have a variety of nail slots and curves for pulling smaller nails, tacks, staples and more. They have sharper edges for prying, pulling and scraping.  An invaluable tool when needed, great for breaching, forced entry, prying, wedging, lifting and much more.  Compact size, great strength and versatility, make these an ideal tool. It's always good to have them on hand and great for EDC (Every Day Carry) or custom kits.

  • Pry bars handle a wide variety of prying, scraping, nail removal and more
  • Great for removing tacks, nails, braids, trim and molding
  • Force multiplier when lifting loads, doors /windows  during installation or removal
  • Ideal for scraping and cleaning flat surfaces,  hard-to-reach areas
  • Heat-treated, high-carbon steel for superior strength and durability
  • Compact size fits easily into any tool box, auto, boat, home custom kit or bag.
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI standards
  • High quality tempered steel. Rust-resistant powder coat finish. MADE IN USA.

5-1/2"  Mini Bar

7-5/8"  Mini Bar