Made in USA !  Heavy duty Snare/ Restraint:

Hog/Wolf/Deer (LARGE): Made from 1/8" 7x7 cable. They have a support collar and an adjustable loop end. A tough, smooth closing cam lock stands up to the toughest of hogs/wolves.  Snares are 84" in length.

Versatile Snare (MID SIZE): (Small to medium game)~ 350lb Cable, approx.: 60” of 7x7 -3/32"  Cable Ÿ w/ Washer Lock Ÿ Poly Supporting collar. When you need to catch some larger game as well as small (self locking).  Ready made just set it up in the field. Most critters and coons up to medium game. Your kit should have some of these.

Rabbit/Squirrel (SMALL) :Made from tiny 3/64th cable and 30” long - Blackdog Lopro lock Poly Support Collar -11 gauge swivel - Loaded for Speed. Works for other small game like Mink etc.

* Please mark and check your set traps and snares Daily, use responsibly.

*We include (in most orders)  "Dakota line EZ snare" Support wires. 1This is a "v" shaped heavy gauge wire to wrap to a nearby trees, fence crawl through, or fence post that can aid in securing the snare and game in place. Adjust the wire to target animal height, open the loop and walk away.

 Click here for additional presentation and VIDEO OF SNARES

 See this for a good example of field use: SNARE SET-UP/ USE

Additional note: Most of our snares come in the "Ghost rider" colored finish (dark)