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We added a natural Tick and bug repellant...

ACW provides unique service and preparednes gear.                                            We want to offer natural, clean products for our community, here is the latest one in the "personal / Medical" category of useful items you my need in your ventures

All natural "NO MORE TICKS" spray bottle.

Small portable size, 100% all natural, no B.S. Providing those concerned with the commercially available products, a safe alternative. What big companies can we really trust these days? No DEET, locally made in the north eastern United States.

Convenient size at 2 fluid ounces. Contains only:

Cedarwood essence



Distilled water and Glycerin.


Don't forget we also grow and offer our own "Prepper pepper" hot pepper grind in a small prtable container as well.  Vary the hotness by the amount you add.

Check it out in our product pages on the website.

UPDATE: Fully loaded "MAC-Gyver kits" are running low. Black are available whilst supplies last, and Green are almost extinct. We will release as we have them made so check back often.

Due to the high costs of materials and times, they may be discontinued in the near future. If you are interested in seeing a "GEN III" latest version, we could use the feedback via email. The price point will be much higher, as will the quality and new features so we need to probe your thoughts, as they are made for YOU.

Be safe, and take chances,

Tom, Rob, and crew

Thanks for all of your support, we've got your 6.

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